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Adding Auto Excellence Detailing to our Roster!

Spring is here, the birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and your car needs to be cleaned badly. Sure, you took your car through the automatic wash twice, maybe three times since November, but we all know that was only because it was embarrassing knowing your car was saltier than a pretzel.

Lucky for you we just picked up a new client who specializes in making your car beautiful again. Auto Excellence Detailing is located in Central Massachusetts, but you don’t even need to worry about where to bring it because they can come to you! That’s right, while you’re doing some spring cleaning this weekend, they will bring all the necessary supplies and have your vehicle spotless by the days end, right in your driveway. And they aren’t limited to just cleaning cars and trucks, they will also detail your RV, motorcycle, boat, jet ski, ATV, and more.

Auto Excellence Detailing uses only the best products including 3M, Collinite, ArmorAll, Chemical Guys, Finish Master, and more. They use the proper tools to clean every little crevice, condition every floor mat, polish each piece of trim, buff each panel (should I keep going?) inside and outside of your car. It really is amazing, after they’re done you will acquire a new found love for your car and will look back after walking away from it two, maybe three times admiring it’s beauty.

Okay, Now back to the website design. With our client; Auto Excellence Detailing’s knowledge and enthusiasm for all things clean, we figured we should develop a super clean and slick website for their company. With input from the owner, we created a gallery page to showcase their work, a services page explaining their detailing packages, and a contact page with an online scheduling form.

Now give them a call or send them an email by visiting their contact page and setup an appointment to fall in love with your car again!


Auto Excellence Detailing Website