Archive | February 2013

Welcoming our newest client – Eyewitness Systems LLC

Eyewitness Systems LLC protects businesses and people all over New England with their state of the art surveillance systems. Not to mention they service over 175 McDonald’s Restaurants. To help them expand their clientele even further, we’ve brought them online with a brand new website.

The objective was to showcase some of their clients with a slideshow at the top of the page. We then built small “info boxes” below which houses weekly updated information about their company and projects / services. Next we added several pages within their site including a services page, clients, a “Pay your bill online” page, and a media/demos page. The Media/Demos page gives useful insight into their products and how their cameras work. We’ve also embedded videos into their website so that you may see their cameras in live streaming action. Please visit to view their page!

Eyewitness Systems LLC Website